Saturday, December 21, 2013

Issac Stern Plays Erik Satie: Happy Holidays To All from Ashland Oregon!

One of the most beautiful version of this famous piece by Erik Satie (Gymnopedis # 3.) I'm sending it out to those who are getting through the long winter nights in the Northern Hemisphere, and anyone else who might stop by from the Antipodes. (My thanks to Sheryl Lynn Bence for putting this video together.)
Here a bit of the Snows of  Ashland Oregon we had last week.  Most of the US and Canada has had a unseasonably cold late Fall and, oddly enough, it's been a too-too dry December--these pictures were taken during a snow fall that hung around and turned to icy conditions with little of the follow-up rain we get to really fill the mountain passes for the Spring runoff. .  Most of the heavy rain we get in this part of the West is concentrated in the last weeks of the old and first weeks of the New Year.

 Here is hoping you have the Christmas/Solstice weather of your dreams wherever you are!


  1. I see your white Christmas has gone past the dreaming stage Doug, best wishes to you and your family ....and all the good folk of Ashland too. Nice seasonal shots of the locality and a good choice of music to perfectly compliment the scene. All the best for 2014!

    1. Thanks AA, and best wishes for the New Year to yourself and your good neighbors as well! . Yes, we had an early "White Christmas" but a high--pressure system off the Pacific Northwest has given my area an unusually dry end-of-year weather pattern. I'm not used to saying "I miss the rain!" this time of year, but the weather is weird (climate change?) and patterns show no end in sight. Hopefully January will replace December for some good rain storms that make this area a lovely green in the Spring.