Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"The Shepherd's Carol"-- Bob Chilcott, King's College Cambridge

A bit of Christmas caroling seems in order this evening. My good wishes to those who will soon travel far or are expecting friends and loved ones to their homes this Christmas. All safe journeys! King's College Cambridge 2008 The Shepherd's Carol Bob Chilcott.

This carol was specially composed for 'Carols from King's' in 2000.

Bob Chilcott (born 9 April 1955) is a British choral composer, conductor, and singer, based in Oxford, England.

Born in Plymouth, he sang in the Choir of King's College, Cambridge, both as a boy and as a university student, notable achievements including singing "Pie Jesu" on the renowned 1967 King's recording of Gabriel Fauré's Requiem. In 1985 he joined the King's Singers, singing tenor for 12 years until his departure in 1997 to focus on composing.--Wikipedia

The lyrics:

"We stood on the hills, Lady, Our day's work done, Watching the frosted meadows That winter had won. The evening was calm, Lady, The air so calm, Silence more lovely than music Folded the hill. There was a star, Lady, Shone in the night, Larger than Venus it was and bright, so bright. Oh, a voice from the sky, Lady, It seemed to us then Of God being born in the world of men. And so we have come, Lady Our day's work done, Our love, our hopes, ourselves we give to your son."


  1. We always catch King's College, on Christmas eve before the television is turned off for Christmas and Boxing day.
    This is a lovely Carol, Doug, thank you for loading it.

  2. To me, a big part of the holidays is to have such enriching annual traditions. This group's singing is a perfect way to open the Christmas season.

    You're welcome Cassandra.

  3. I have a hard time getting to grips with new hymns and carols. Why it is or should matter to me as a non-believer is a mystery to me. That said, it was pleasant enough but did not hit the spot for me I'm afraid.

    I was born in Plymouth two years after Mr. Chilcott by the way. Sadly no where near as talented. I shall listen to the King Singers with renewed interest knowing this now.

  4. Sounds suspiciously Papist to me, but well done Brian Chilcott...nice work if you can get it Doug....Happy Yule to you and yours!

  5. That's O.K., Jim. I generally prefer the older carols myself. Besides I'll be sure to post more music in the future. I'm just glad to wish all a pleasant holiday however they celebrate or not.

  6. Yes, AA, those Papists always sneak in with a bit of matriarchal and rosy influences...leave them to their own devices and they'll slap up a nice fresco of the Holy Family and put candles all over the place! Some plain wood paneling and Tom Edison's lightbulbs should be good enough, don't you think?

    I must bolt now to my local church, lest someone is transubtanciating!

    And a happy Yule to all the Aardvarks!

  7. You're really funny! Protestant hack. We can't all follow a religion which is based on the crazed teachings of a man who executed his wives.

  8. Thanks AA! I was expecting.... "the Counter-Reformation"!

  9. It was a beautiful rendition. I had on headphones and was engulfed in the music. It may not be one of the traditional Christmas carols but I enjoyed it all the same

  10. Earphones are perfect for this type of music, which I find really transporting.

    I hope you and your family are having a great holiday season. It must be a busy time for shipping, so I hope you've had your time in front of the fire...or the Eagles game, as the case may be.

  11. I am sitting in front of the fire typing on my laptop. We have really enjoyed the last couple of days.