Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Heartaches"--Ted Weems Orchestra (1933)

I think this is one of the best uptempo jazz recordings of the pre-Swing Era. Ted Weems and his Orchestra did this one on the Victor label in 1933. Fourteen years later he and the band cut the same song again and it became a Gold Record, although the '47 version was more mellow. Elmo Philips is the whistler in the recording. But I bet you already knew that.


  1. Couldn't miss that distinctive Elmo Philips whistle Doug :-)

    Its a great piece though, I really like it, very jolly and perfect to tap dance to [as I am doing now as I type]. The sound is purely benevolent, happy and without anything even slightly sinister about it at all....excellent, thanks for posting it Doug.

    Your Robot defences here are very difficult to breach today by the way!

  2. Yes, I've done my own share of whistling past the graveyard so to speak, AA, but Elmo Phillips is in a class my himself.

    I'm glad you share some of my affection for this type of music. By the way, I hear tap=dancing by the way is a good aerobic exercise and it seemed to have kept Fred Astaire in trim.

    I wanted to post something musical that was plain benevolent and happy, far from the madding news of corporate and political hype, and the natural disaster of Superstrom Sandy along the East Coast.

    I'm not sure why these annoying robot defenses are so vigilant. I wonder if there is a way to disable them I don't know about?