Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Camelot" --Richard Burton (1978)

Yeah, I know the old Multiply site wasn't Camelot, some will say, but it was a good little kingdom while it lasted.

Good enough methinks. for this great tune from 1960 (the year of my nativity) and a 1978 appearance by the great King Arthur--disguised as the then promising Welsh actor Mr. Richard Burton himself from a CBS television special called "The People's Command Performance." Sounds a bit Lefty to me, but just go with it and you might enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. Overall it was good enough for me and I liked the options we had over there for posting. I remember the first year there I met a lot of new people and there were some fun times and good discussions. For personal reasons, I left Multiply for awhile, and when I came back, it just wasn't the same.......or maybe I wasn't the same. Anyway, it was fun while it lasted :-) And as you know as of today it STILL is open, but I am sure it will disappear soon enough, at least for the bloggers.
    Enjoyed the video Doug. Wow, how time flies !!

    1. Glad you liked the video. I'm not a huge Broadway musical fan, but that song and others from "Camelot" are some of the best. "My Fair Lady" is my favorite.
      I think what makes for a good blog site is the friends and associates one can find. If one or two good people drop out, I've noticed it really alters the vibe of a place. I hope we all can build up some good networks over here, but time will tell. :-)