Friday, August 17, 2012

Paralyzed by Elvis Presley

Yesterday was the 77th anniversary  of his birth...there's only one.  


  1. When I was but a tiny child my elder brother had a 10 inch Elvis LP from the 1950s on that breakable vinyl stuff with tracks like this one (and I think very possibly indeed this one) it also including Hearbreak Hotel and All Shook Up....I loved these songs from the age of about 8 onwards and i still do today. This song is from my earliest musical memories and represents very early tracks fom the start of the soundtrack to all the rest of my life to date...Thanks for sharing this Doug.

  2. I remember first hearing Elvis on television in movies and clips from his earlier performances, AA, right about age 8 as well. Nobody seemed cooler to a third-grader than the young man from Tupelo,'re most welcome!