Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Just Win, Baby!" : Attemped Registration Fraud in California for GOP Darling?

Much has been made about the efforts of Republican backed groups to pass legislation in states  like Arizona, Pennsylvania  and Florida to suppress the vote in the upcoming November election.  (And well it should, since  voting suppression is likely the only way a lot of "tea bagger" first-term Republicans are going to hold onto their seats in Congress.)    The usual plan is to make it harder to use ordinary identification like a student I.D. card or non photo-I.D. card to vote.  (But not a gun carry permit, oddly enough.)


This all might make sense if there was massive fraud in, say, Florida, but so far while thousands of  Floridians  were about to be struck off the rolls by a GOP-backed bill,   the federal government  stepped in and said "hold on!".  It has been pointed out that only 12 potential fraud cases state-side even were reported in the last election.  

But in the newly created Seventh District of  California , near and in part of the capital city  of Sacramento, a reverse strategy is taking place. Fraudulent voting registration cards are flooding the California Secretary of State's office--up to 3,000 suspected undocumented voter cards--in order to help secure a seat for House Representative Dan Lundgen (R), a pro-torture "hero"  and unflagging big-oil company  stalwart.


While signing up non-existent voters or overlooking status does not constitute fraud at the polling stations, it is clear someone was trying to pull a fast one---to overstate the amount of support Lundgren had, quite possibly, to discourage voter turnout for his challenger. In a close race, which this will be in Sacramento, such an overstatement  could make all the difference.  


Here's Dan a few years  back giving the thumbs-up to water-boarding captured prisoners: "I disagree with John McCain"--(a Senator and former POW who spent years in a North Vietnam prison and WAS tortured) -" that water-boarding is, in fact, torture."--Dan Lundgren, December 2007.

   And now, maestro, a little tax-payer rip-off music if you please:



  1. sounds about right for the right to be pulling a stunt like this. Do they ever do anything ethical in their life? What a piece of work! Sure give yourself a raise but the hell with the normal hard working folks struggling to make ends meet. Yeah we need more of these kind in our congress and in our state politics. They sure do care about America.

  2. Wow, good news: water boarding isn't torture! Let's have a water boarding station in Disney Land!

  3. Yes, there's something not quite consistent about people who "double-dip" with self-inflated fat pensions saying how much they despise "big government", Marty.

    One thing is certain; fat-cats like Lungren feel they are exceptions to their own rules on a smaller public sector.

  4. Certainly--"The Disney Waterboard Experience!"

    Those were disgusting remarks from an office holder in my view as well, Tinh