Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Diary of an Existential Cat: "Henri" --Updated Edition

Even French cats can have dark moments contemplating existence, and issues with the meaning of life. Take our feline friend, Henri, here.

A film by Seattle cinema artist Will Braden. Parts one and two of the video is available in the comments section below.*

* Update: sorry that the original video is running so slowly. Please check the comments section below. Thanks for your patience.


  1. I have 3 cats and they are all different yet the same like this Henri....cute films Doug.

  2. I like cats a lot, Marty, and have had a couple neat ones. A real super cat lover sent me the original link. I think poor Henri needs to move to someplace sunnier to feel better about things. ;-)

  3. Cats are just way cool Doug, they all have their own temperment and with mine, they just do whatever they please. I used to have a really neat cool cat, he was all black and his name was Jasper...I sure do miss him, he disappeared the year I moved into this house I live in now....and to this day still wonder where he is or if he is still alive. He used to talk to me all the time and looked at me like...ok why is it you dont understand me? He always had attitude.

    I dont think Henri would act any different if he was someplace sunnier...he just loves to complain like most cats

  4. Yeah, cats can be moody. Henri might just be a lost cause even in San Diego instead of Seattle.

    Our last cat was a stray tabby called grandma. We thought she was real old and would go withon a year but she defied all the odds and it really brought Shirley and I both to tears when we passed on.

    I have a friend who also has thre cats and they are definitely each different in perosnality. One really likes to wrestle with my hand when I pet him and another won't even give me the time of day.

  5. Henri or ennui Doug?

    What a miserable moggy that is!

  6. I guess if you're got a cat that miserable, he'll not answer to either name, AA. ;-)

    I'll have to look up "moggy". Doesn't sound like a good state of being, though, I'll wager. *

    *Update. Moggy: A regular term for a cat, possibly Cockney. I like it.