Monday, July 18, 2011

Ball of Confusion--The Temptations

Says it like it was, and still tells it much like it is.

The Temptations as a group had their own ball of confusion over personnel changes and artistic disputes, but this is one of their greatest hits with most of the original group on hand. This song was released in 1970 and hit #3 on the US Billboard Charts and #2 on the R&B charts that same year.

"From Wikipedia: Lead vocals by Dennis Edwards, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, and Melvin Franklin
Background vocals by Dennis Edwards, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, Melvin Franklin, and Otis Williams
Written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong
Produced by Norman Whitfield.


  1. Ah; the Temps! Good tune - and timely....

  2. A lot of our old stuff coming back to haunt us now! I loved this song, and I agree, it's just as appropriate now as when it was released.

  3. Yes, I thought this one was most appropriate given the latter-day confusions, Will.

  4. You're right, Jacquie. I think songs like this and "War" and "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye and others are timeless...and haunting, as you say .

  5. In that old times In that old times, there were many unforgettable songs..

  6. I hadn't heard "Color Him Father" before. It tells a very specific story, which is unusual. Excellent! Thanks for sharing this one Jose.

  7. I heard that first at that time...
    Some AM radios had teen listeners and some of that radios played music according Billboard and Cash Box mags and music charts from USA and England...
    Urban teens in Brasil (correct writing), mostly from big cities, knew a vast amount of that "oldies"...

  8. I'm recording, in MP3 at 320 kb/s rate, oldies for free share to my young friends. Every CD have 70 to 90 songs. I started a collection of seventies songs and I'm almost ended volume 7. I'm about to start sixties and eighties.
    I have many album songs and MP3. When I can't catch MP3, I shall convert my LP and CD's music to MP3.
    I think it's a manner to preserve this kind of cultural heritage.
    All of that younger friends (there's so many) might share CD's by free copy to their own friends and so on...
    I started sharing songs many years ago, when I was married and my friends usually visited me at home...
    In such occasions, visits turned into a party...

  9. I'll dare - pardon me - posting this as a comment, to remember one "classic" one hit wonder, 100% Proof Aged In Soul playing "Somebody's Been Sleeping", that reached #8 on the 1970's Billboard Hot 100, released in 1969:

  10. Good stuff indeed! I "dig" finding and hearing these one-hit wonders from the Soul and R&B era, Jose. Thanks.

  11. It's the only way a lot of younger people are going to hear and later maybe appreciate this kind of music.

  12. "dnoakes wrote today at 1:44 PM, editado today at 1:45 PM
    Good stuff indeed! I "dig" finding and hearing these one-hit wonders from the Soul and R&B era, Jose. Thanks."

    I'm pleased by your comments.
    I've really appreciated that...