Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doug's Site Two-Sider: Catch Us if You Can--The Dave Clark Five plus Nancy Sinatra's Footwear

I was thinking about popular songs that I first remembered, roughly about the age of five or six. (Not counting songs like those from "Mary Poppins" say,which were geared to children.)  

Back in the mid--60's, when Top 40 Radio was still on the AM freguency, listening to music on the car radio was my introduction to what the adult world was enjoying audio-wise. 

My parents took me on trips in our Ford Mustang, which I fondly if dimly now recall. Our family vehicle now exists only in shadows on slightly grainy Kodak pictures, but the Mustang model itself (pictured above) remains a classic.  

That brown and silver hardtop with the sporty look remains the best car I think my father and mom ever purchased.  

  These two songs leaped to mind as my introduction to pop music first, so here they are:

From Wikipedia:  "Catch Us If You Can" is a 1965 song from The Dave Clark Five, written by group's drummer Dave Clark and guitarist Lenny Davidson. The song was one of DC5's top hits, reaching number 5 on the UK Singles Chart in the late summer of 1965 and number 4 on the U.S. pop singles chart later that fall.

This second song and its presentation nicely sums up (for better or worse) how young female sexuality was presented in the 60s as far as I am concerned.


  1. I remember these also. I actually saw the DC5 in concert once, along with Martha and the Vandellas. The hall rocked! The concert rocked! I had a ball!!!
    Thanks, Doug.

  2. Glad I could bring back such great memories for you Jacquie. I love a lot of the DC5 hits and it would have been a trip to see them live.

  3. Brings back a LOT of good memories, Doug!

  4. Being slightly less mature than you I remember some of the early 70's songs on the radio. I love the Dave Clark Five. Bits and Pieces is still one of my favorite songs.

  5. I am sorry I was not old enough to enjoy the 60's. Short skirts and boots OLE MY!!!! Sorry I lost control for a second. Love the song to bad her father did not care for it.

  6. Glad you enjoyed these Will. Good memories for me as well needless to say.

  7. Thanks for adding that one, Fred. Like "Catch Us If you Can " this tune has a fun and infectious quality that I miss in modern music.

  8. Steady there Fred. Good thing for both of us that last video wasn't released in 3-D.

    Yeah, mini-skirts were so...interesting. It's a shame the sixties had to end when I was nine. By the time I got the high school the girls were back to wearing actual skirts again. ;-(

    Didn't know daddie Frank didn't like that one. It really was kind of a proto-feminist anthem and he was from a different era.