Saturday, March 16, 2013

California Senator Won't Take Any Crap from Cruz!

Senator and former two-term mayor of San Francisco Dianne Feinstein of California, who has served in Washington since 1993, wasn't in the mood to be patronized and lectured to by first-term freshman and budding Joe McCarthy-style witchhunter Ted Cruz of Texas.   View her reply below, in a committee session over passing on a bill to the floor of the Senate to make background checks for weapons purchases universal and for giving citizens more protection against mass kilings by banning high-capacity ammunition clips for weapons. 

       The reference Senator  Feinstein makes to finding dead bodies comes from a shooting inside San Francisco's City Hall in November of 1978 when a deranged    City Supervisor named Dan White snucka gun into the Mayor George Moscone's office, killed the mayor and the only openly-gay city supervisor in the country at the time, businessman Harvey Milk.  It was Dianne Feinstein, also onme of the nine or so city supervisors at the time who found Moscone's body and had to announce to the media that the two beloved civic leaders had been murdered.  I wonder of the glib Ted Cruz has ever even seen a gunshot victim in real life?        

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