Monday, September 10, 2012

Multiply Is Shutting Down, So I'm Moving My HQ/ The Doors-"The End"

More and more I see that my friends and contacts are off to greener pastures. The spell-check and other components of the Multiply experience are now gone.

I can take a hint. I'm seen this movie, so to speak, over on Y360 where I found myself posting phantom blogs to fewer and fewer folks. We who are still here are on the SS Lusitania after the first torpedos detonate, directing the last choppers on the roof of the American Embassy in Saigon in 1975, scrounging for bullets on the parapets of the Alamo,

So, while I plan to check Multiply now and then, I'm bound for Blogster and Blogger. I will post copies of any original content here as long as somebody I know will look at it.

I enjoyed my nearly five years of posting, but the handwriting is on the wall here. I figure we could either lose this place or I'll be the sheriff of a ghost town. This is... the end.

I'll see some of you on the other sites, and will look in on others by invite. But this is the last post for me that will appear only on Multiply.


  1. my page is working perfectly...i use my spell check Im staying until the last minute :)

  2. That's great, Lucky Bean. I really hope this place will stay up until December, but I'm guessing that may not happen.

    Besides, I better start getting used to using the other sites for my main platform.

    I want to say goodbye now to all in case this place goes down early.

  3. Well here we have the end of an era Doug. I hope we will maintain contact in the great beyond, we have been batting ideas around for years now, so hopefully it will continue into the future. Multiply is dead....long live the blogosphere we are entering uncharted waters Doug, good luck to you my friend!

  4. Not a lot of point posting on a defunct site as I see it, I completely agree with you Doug. I am only here moving posts, deleting stuff, and commenting on the few posts that come through my inbox. We need to be out of here by 27th of October in any case. I am pleased that you will still be a contact on Blogspot and Blogster. Well chosen song. Always like this one.

    Am now pondering if I should post a final video like you and Aaran. What will I choose? hmmm

  5. ~*Smiles*~... I miss Yahoo360... and her it was finally a place I could feel at home again when I had the rug yanked once again... now at which isn't as good as here in my opinion, but all the complaining won't make them fix the mistake they are about to make... without bloggers, who'll go to a shop, what draws in a crowd... and even if they try as Yahoo360 did and give a dumbed down version,,, it'll still die off

  6. Please don't shut down just yet. Things I want to say to you, & everyone. I want to 'make the rounds' now, but too tired to put together the words.A scream-out with Sears over a month's incompetence, an interview with a new 'provider'...very cute, sense of humour, it's going to work as I can do & less & less. NEVER give up on anything....

    NOT goodbye.

  7. Thanks AA. Yes I look forward to continuing to bat ideas about with you. You made had a lot of hits on your new site so I think it can be said you've already landed on your feet.

  8. Me too, Iri Ani. I will be eagerly following your essays, poems and news from the other (and possibly nicer) side of this world. :-)

    I'm sure you'll come up with some appropriate send-off. The "flying kiwi" video was my personal favorite? :-)

    Glad to know we are fellow Doors fans by the way.

  9. That is what keeps rolling through my mind, Beverly---without bloggers, what will Multiply look like and how will it run? Yahoo 360 had some good people on it, that's for sure. Hopefully these new sites have enough support from Google and other companies that they won't turn into Intenet flea markets anytime soon.

    Thanks for your link. I'm sure we'll keep in touch.

  10. No, I won't shut down my site or stop looking at the Multiply inbox, Lucija. But I am going to be posting on Blogster and Blogger now and just working on saving some of what I put up here. I want to also get used to posting on the other sites mainly; I need all the experience I can get. :-)

    I'll be around to check up and answer inguiries and personal messages and all until they pull the plug. I certainly want to hear about your situation with Sears and all since i worked for that company for a long time. I'm sorry you are having trouble there.

  11. I feel the same Doug, I have put up a few blogs of the convention but will not be putting up any more. I still havent taken all my stuff off of here yet...dont know what I want to do with it all. See you on blogster my friend....hugs.

  12. Yes, I noticed you were one of the few still keeping Multiply going in my contacts list, Marty. Blogster seems ot be the new frontier...I'll also be on Blogger, too, but not Twitter.