Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Goodbye Summer: "La Mer" - from "Mr. Bean's Holiday" (2007)

I thought of this song and this brief sequence from the Rowan Atkinson film as a whimsical and festive way to celebrate these last days of vacations of warm summer weather.

There is something about open beaches, no matter if by the sea or by the fresh waters inland, that seems inviting, save for times when Nature really is pounding the lands with rain and wind.

The sea especially always draws people. I'm not sure what that is, but there is something to me about returning to a shore that brings a feeling of home, and a sense of my real place in this existence---both as a finite person but also as a being who can, maybe for just a moment, glimpse the infinite.

It's also a good place to get wet.

I'm happy to live in a state where no beaches are off limits to the public. You never know who you'll meet, as this charming clip shows.


  1. Mr Bean sets my teeth on edge Doug lol

  2. Sorry about that, AA. I gather you feel about him the way I felt about the films of Jerry Lewis.

    No more Mr. Bean on this blog. All any friend has to do is type the magic phrase "sets my teeth on edge" and that takes care of that. :-)

  3. LOL ....thanks Doug, but if you feel the urge to post Mr Bean, don't let my teeth stop you. I didn't know of your feelings about Jerry Lewis, but will keep it in mind if I am ever tempted to post a clip of his.

  4. That's all anyone can ask for when dealing with "Jerry", AA. He's, to me at least, America's most embarrassing major mid-century film comedian but also, oddly, one of the most popular in the 1950 and early 60s. Even as a relative child I was baffled by his success and was certain his erstwhile partner Dean Martin was funnier as his straight man.

    I believe that is why so many French critics like his work... Lewis gave them the big screen persona of the American as many Francophones imagine most of us are... dufuses who couldn't manage a two-car funeral without losing the hearse.

  5. LOL Qu'est-ce qu'ils sont des bâtards could they be so unkind?They just detest us of course......or so the story goes, but actually I've never really noticed any sign of it in France itself......but lets not let facts get in the way of our justified gripes vis-a-vis the accumulated misdeeds of the French nation Doug.

    I'm not that familiar with Jerry Lewis he never really made any impact on me I just have a vague impression of an idiot, but nothing more than that to tell the truth.

    So far as Mr Bean is concerned I think it was a bad idea to elect him to the leadership of the British Labour Party, but there you are Doug, they'll do anything to avoid winning a general election at the present time, so that explains everything I suppose.

  6. Thats is a funny thing now that you mention it, AA; I've a few friends who are seasoned European travellers and only one friend had any problem in France--and that was in Paris itself, right after Reagan bombed Libya in '86, so really it's not fair to judge too harshly there. Had he known my friends politics I imagine they would have been more amiable.

    Jerry Lewis is--apart from a charity telethon he used to host--not really worth examining except for film buffs like myself who wonder how a slip-shod filmmaker could be popular. I now know I grossly underestimated how adolescent the standards of film comedy can sometimes get.

    As a kid, I disliked Lewis because I thought his "act" was making of people that were considered "retarded". I now realize he was, as you say, just playing an idiot and likely bore no malice but simply had no artistic integrity.

    It's sad times for the Labour Party, but good news for those Mr. Bean fans out there that his doppleganger now heads the party. Personally I think "The Black Adder" may be a better man for the job.

    Thanks for the link. :-)