Thursday, October 13, 2011

Global mass protests 15th October 2011


Gee, the "tea party" reactionaries aren't  the only bunch that can draw a crowd.   Check local listings in your paper this Saturday for a demonstration near you.  



  1. The difference between Tea party and wall street protestors is the Tea party people actually

  2. I can't argue with that, Tess. I can say "what?" though.

  3. It has taken it's own within Canada as well Doug yet it's not applicable and as soon as I get this blog working right I shall explain yet there are differences of what the Tea Party within America does represent. I think this is a time where within America people are venting out frustrations and it does give way to those within government to think much more before just things. I do now think that there is some merit for this within America and there would be a huge list of which to question.
    Some protests are without an objective whereas this one does have merit especially before this next election as it does send a message to not just some but predominantly many within office.

  4. Yes, I think a peaceful but activist movement right now shows a balance in the Main Street American political sphere that has been missing for a couple years. A lot of people like me are tired of stories about vapid celebrities and Sarah Palin (same difference, really) and want to see coverage of middle class Americans who have lost a lot of economic ground, overall, in the last thirty years.

    The idea for the "Occupy Wall Street" movement came, oddly enough, from a Canadian magazine callled "Adbusters" based out of Vancouver.

  5. Ironically it's happening here Doug and I think it's rather odd as it's not applicable - that's not to say that there are thoughts of which are alike but within some of this - but in Ontario it took off. I shall look at this adbusters but way to the east they are preparing to do the very same and some of this is really no brainers at work in my own opinion as Canada has similarities with America but economically it's one thing to sound off - and yet another to sound off without really knowing what your sounding off for. Within the US I can see why this is taking place and there is good reason. In this case I see many just sounding off as it's the "in thing" to be doing. And that is very odd for Canada as a whole.

    It's like we are within a protest of anything as when I look at the news I don't see anything but some ridiculous. Read the link and I was searching for what is called "Bay Street" which is the likes of Wall Steet based out of Toronto...