Sunday, September 18, 2011

PIctures From Wall Street Protests, or Scenes From The Great Recession . In case your local newspaper or network television panel shows omitted this from the Sunday morning media blitz , there is an ongoing protest by thousands against the power that that investment banks and other Wall Street entities have had on the US and international ecomony.


  1. great post Doug I l thought this part very interesting..

    "Because Mortgage Fraud has got us all by the balls whether we know it or acknowledge it.
    Some idiot Wall Street drones and a couple of suburban moms were trash talking today's protesters and I told them "Oh, So I guess white collar crime is good for us, then?"
    Should Republicans take the white house and possibly the Senate as well in 2012 they will no doubt put a real squeeze on the poor and middle class.These demonstrations may well turn into riots. Strange how quite the main stream media has been on this. It was briefly mentioned on msnbc this morning but no real coverage. thanks Doug

  2. Fraternal Greetings from the Airstrip One Insurgency to all the activists of the belated American Spring...End the Extremism ....Regime Change Now..... Bring Down the Dictatorship of the Military Industrial Complex and Let the Oppressed People of America Be Free! Turn the Bankers Out of the Temple As Soldiers For Peace and Responsible Consumers........ thanks for posting the video Doug, the freedom fighters of the United States are guaranteed whatever aid they need from the global network to collapse the gangster corporatocracy at the heart of the beast.

  3. It is strange indeed about the mainstream media, Mike, and most telling.

    I really liked the commentary on this website I linked up with.

  4. Thanks for getting me up to speed on this, AA. Nice to see people protesting at the real heart of America's economic problems.

  5. Protest smart rather than without tremendous planning.

  6. Rather fitting, Jack, don't you think?

    In my view, the big investment banks on Wall Street did very little planning when many of their employees took the whole US economy into the latest major recession.

  7. Well, I suppose that depends on how you look at 'planning' - it can be a positive thing, or it can be the premeditation before a crime.

    In that case, I'd posit that everyone from Blankfein on down did a lot of planning....

  8. Yes, the "planning" of the Wall Street crisis might have actually been well exucuted, Will. Something along the lines of "short-term private gains and long-term public losses."

    And damage was done in Washington by gentlemen of "Wall Street" like Larry Summers, Bob Rubin, Donald Regan, Alan Greenspan, et al. Perhaps these men really believed it was a "free market" mind-set that would actually create prosperity as a trickle--down effect.

    Ironically, these birds did damage to American faith in itself than anything all the outer-world enemies of the United States ever pulled off...since the Brits burned Washington City and the White House in the Madison Administration at least.