Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sahara Hotnights - Keep Callin My Baby

Sahara Hot Nights performs one of their songs from the 2004 album, "Kiss and Tell", my favorite on the album.

This indie-rock band is a major attraction in Europe and their native Sweden. Their fifth album was released last year.

From Wikipedia: "Sahara Hotnights' sound has been described as a mix between Blondie, The Ramones, and Nirvana. Although their latest work has a more pop sound to it, Sahara Hotnights have always been influenced by classic rock and punk bands. When the Kiss & Tell album was released, many accustomed to the unforgiving stance of Jennie Bomb balked at their attempt to make an album that was dance crafty. However, Maria Andersson, described the Jennie Bomb album as having a "slick sound to the rock songs, while Kiss and Tell has a raw sound to the pop songs."

Maria Andersson
Josephine Forsman
Jennie Asplund
Johanna Asplund

The name comes from a race horse one of the band members bet on while touring in Australia.


  1. Kiss & Tell.. should never do did like the music and that's some pretty ladies for sure....thanks Doug

  2. Doug this was great...watched it twice,,,,:) thanks

  3. Only "kiss and tell" if you are subpoenaed by a Grand Jury I say.

    You're welcome Mike. It's a nice tune and the ladies are not hard on the eyes. :-)

  4. Unfortunately it didn`t play properly but a smart bunch of ladies.

  5. Yet another band I'd never heard of before Doug, where do you keep finding them? Anyway this is a good tune, thanks for sharing it...perhaps I'm the only person in Europe who didn't know who they are?

  6. Thanks AA.

    I'm lucky to have a co-worker who is a great rock and roll audiophile and shares his bountry via CDs.

    I only gathered from their Wikipedia entry and website they were a major act in Europe, but perhaps not one to get a lot of play in the UK. This are definately under the radar over here, which is a shame I think.