Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fleet Foxes - Mykonos (Live Abbey Road 2009)

The Seattle-based "Fleet Foxes" band has some great harmonies and a unique sound. This is off their 2008 album. The song Mykonos also comes from the soundtrack of the recent Todd Philips/Robert Downey film, "Due Date".

From Wikipedia: "At the end of 2008, Fleet Foxes was rated album of the year by Billboard's Critic's Choice and in Metacritic's end of year best album round-up it appeared in 17 lists, topping six of them.[23][24] Furthermore, it had sold over 210,000 copies in North America and over 100,000 copies in the United Kingdom, making it the first gold certificate record for UK label Bella Union.[25] Their growing profile enabled the band to make televised appearances, playing on Vincent Moon's "La Blogotheque" in December 2008 and on Saturday Night Live the following January.[26] In 2009, they toured in Europe to favorable reviews; Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant said their show in Paradiso induced goosebumps.[27] Throughout 2008-9 the band played globally ending the tour in September with a final European leg. Fleet Foxes played at the Bridge School Benefit curated by Neil Young on October 24 and 25, 2009 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. This is the second time they supported Young after a summer bill in Hyde Park, London."


  1. I've never heard this band before Doug, they are clearly a talented combo.....some of the harmonies reminded me of Crosby Stills Nash and Young, so I suppose it is appropriate that they were hosted by Mr Young himself in California and have also supported him in concert in London. Thanks for posting this clip, good stuff!

  2. Good point about the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young lineage in their music, AA. It's great to find a newer band that has such links to one of the best eras in American and British pop music...all the more reason why they have been critically acclaimed (although I never heard of them until yesterday myself) and are so well complimented no doubt by Neil Young himself.

    Interestingly, thier front man, Roger Pecknold, attributes their success as a band to their website and some illegal file-sharing of their music on the Internet.

    So much for the old days when AM or FM radio and record stores were the only way to get any word-of-mouth on a new band (unless you lived near a good concert venue.)

  3. This very much reminds me of the 60's era without a doubt Doug. Perhaps there is a revival of that era that is going on at this time. It's a good listen. Yeah you could aaranaardvark does have it on the mark as this is sound so retro but music always does repeat itself in some manner.

  4. It does have the flavor of the 60''s without question Jack. ithink that is what drew me to this group. I hope they will have another album out soon, as their website seems to indicate.

  5. I really like this, Doug. It reminds me of another group and I can't think for the life of me who it is. It may come to me later. They have good voices and harmonising skills.

    Thanks a lot for loading this music.

  6. I had a similar sense the first time I heard this song, Cassandra. It was like hearing a previously unreleased song from a group one is a fan of--just not sure which one. It's great to find a modern group that is doing fresh work, yet still a nice retro touch to their arrangements.

    You're welcome of course.