Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dental Crisis, USA. Thousands of Oregon Citizens of all ages and races recently lined up by the thousands to get some long overdue dental care. For many years, Mercy Mission has assembled hundred of dentists and technicians to fill the deep hole in health care systems in the undeveloped world. In the last few years they have found huge groups of people in American cities who have a gaping need for basic dental care.


  1. Doug I have seen this done on some show on PBS it was very touching. This is what community and good will are all about.

  2. Dental Care is often the first thing that our insurances dump and the last thing we can find the money to pay for. I know I went without Dental Insurance awhile a few years ago and am very glad to have it back.

  3. Quite true, Jack. It's really amazing to me how expensive it is to get good dental coverage even if you are employed.

  4. I know the feeling both ways Mary Ellen.

    The first time I read about this happening in this country it was quite startling to me. Thank goodness for these volunteers.

  5. I almost wish I could go temp. to a 3rd world country to get help from outreach programs... I keep getting the "quality of life speach" instead of doing what is "right"

  6. The sad fact is when all the government wants to do is fight the third world war....third world dentistry is a predictable consequence.

    This level of neglect is not because America is broke, it is because all the money goes to the arms dealers and drug merchants... there's none left to actually meet the basic needs of the people... of course, there's no obscene profits to be had in that.

    Defect to Cuba is the best advice for these poor people that I can think of Doug!

    Perhaps we'll be seeing rafts of old doors and tires strung together and heading east from Florida pretty soon now...maybe?

  7. Doug, I've seen the lines for these clinics - both for straight dental-care and for general-practice medical-care, also.

    These people lined up in some of the coldest weather we've had in years here in Oregon for very basic dental care (prophy/hygiene; fillings; etc.); some waiting for hours.

    The blatant hypocrisy of the Right in saying that 'America doesn't need publicly-funded medical care' is staggering to me.

  8. Some people of means are great at laying blame on the poor, Beverly, forgetting almost everyone's life has been made worse bankers and mortgage companies. These cats made quick money, lobbied some Washington politicians to look the other way, and left many hard-working people without a place to work or a permanent roof over their heads.
    Yes, doing what is right. I guess that was just for learning in school.

  9. I'm afriad what you say is all too close to the bone, AA. Without the invasion of Iraq and the obscene inequalities made worse in the last decade especially, more of these people could be covered by private insurance through a job or a government single-payer health system.

    But in the land of "rugged individualism", its can get pretty rugged indeed if you need medicla care and no insurer can make a profit off you.

    Only the elderly have some respite from this , thanks to Medicare, but of course dental care is not part of that program.

  10. Yes, my part of Oregon this past week was thescene of some real bone-chilling cold, rain and snow. Will, as was Portland, whose citizens are even less used to such a freeze. And yet all these people lined up for care!

    I'm sure many people from the southern part of the state could use such a triage-style "third world" medical program.

    The fact that so many people have advanced health problems, medical and dental, that are being neglected is indeed mute testimony against the GOP "family values" hypocrites.

    These worthies don't want to seethe wealthiest one percent pay one extra dime to help out on the years of health care neglect that effects 50 million people.

  11. I am back on here for the first time as I sent up my two computer Doug, in coming back to this there is one man I forget his name that travels across the states it was on PBS and he has a team of some 30 dentists and then sets up tents in the summer and for the weekend he will service of some 3,000 people. I can't recall the name it was a show I was watching. This reminded me as well as what some Doctors without borders which started by some doctor with America.

    Then there is the option of each and every university has a dental area and one can have there teeth done for literally less than half the price, I thought I would make the mention but it's all within regards to medicine within humanity.

  12. That's a good point about the availability of college dental programs, Jack. I had my own teeth cleaned and checked years ago in at the Oregon Institute of Technology when I was without any insurance at all.