Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"The Pink Panther Strikes Again"--Peter Sellers, Lesley Anne Down ("Come to Me")

Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Peter Sellers) comes home after "another case is solve-ed", only to find a big surprise from a seductive Russian agent, played by Lesley Anne Down.

Classic final scene from "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" (1976), with Sellers, Down, and Burt Kwouk.


  1. I absolutely LOVE Peter Sellers! He's a hoot & a half! In this role, he's exactly like a friend I know. He even looks like him!
    Thank you for the laughs!!

  2. Yes, he was amazing in variety of comic roles and styles. A big favorite of mine as well.

    Don't think I was ever in a movie theater where people laughed as hard as this finale--the business with getting his clothes off is great!

  3. I've been looking for one someone PMd to me but couldn't find it.
    What's hysterically funny is the way he looks so confident, messes up, & then composes himself as if he'd done nothing at all.
    I could predict the tie, but I laughed like heck anyway.

    I shouldn't have said just in this role, but in all his roles he's like my friend!

    Maybe I can find the video of a poem I wrote about him, with a picture in it. But the resemblance is best by profile, his nose!

  4. Hahahahaha! That's funny when she walks towards him and, is it Tom Jones? starts singing and the lights go on and all the bubbles.
    I'm actually having quite a bit of trouble adding comedies to my film reviews at the moment as most of the really good music seems to come from the dramas. But Peter Sellers should be in everyone's film collection somewhere along the line.

  5. I think some performers, besides being talented, are just inherently funny. Even a predictable gag goes over. Laurel and Hardy were like that to me as a kid.

    Thanks for sharing that video, Lucija. You really do capture that part of his personality in words that would make him fun to be around.

  6. Yes, it is Tom Jones singing there. The perfect touch I think--even if one is not a big Tom Jones fan, that is the time for a schmaltzy romantic ballad. When i first saw this scene at a theatre I was expecting another "Cato attack". The mock James Bond/super-sized bed is a great set-up.

    It's often the calm before the storm of a scene like that, the underplaying, that separates a scene from being funny to just a slapstick smack-about.

    I find that, too, aout music and comedy. People on You Tube often ad their own selected music to a comedy scene or a collection of clips of their favorite actor or comedy film. But a jumble of violent clips and one-liners in and of themselves don't always give you the sense of "why" someone like Peter Sellers is in a league of his own. You need the build-up, the suspense as in drama, then see his initial expression, his passivity and then his over zealous reactions to appreciate how good he was.

  7. Peter Sellers was, in my opinion, a comedic genius! He could make anything funny. Although I'm sure I haven't seen all of his films, of the ones I have seen, I can't think of one that I didn't enjoy.
    What a funny man!

  8. I totally agree Jacquie. He made some films that weren't up to his abilities in the early 70's , but every prolific actor does. And his range of roles was amazing, from Chance the Gardener in "Being There" to three roles in "Dr. Strangelove" to these movies which are just gems of humor.

  9. Yes. Always expect a Cato attack. Hehe!

    I agree, Sellers was a great one off.

  10. Bubbles, a fold out bed, and a beautiful Russian spy. What more could anyone ask for??

  11. It's a classic trio of goodness that never gets old Fred. And it certainly livens up a "rumm".

  12. LOL! That one never gets old. :-)