Friday, February 26, 2010

The Fools - "Psycho Chicken" (1980)

This slight reworking of The Talking Heads' 1978 hit, "Psycho Killer", celebrates the time when tens of millions of chickens roamed the vast virgin prairies of North America, along with their natural companions, the buffalo.

Then the greed of Western man put the chickens behind barbed wire and started using them for egg production and other dastardly ends too unsettling to mention on a family-friendly social networking site. The buffalo herds vanished too, many falling like lemmings off steep cliffs when they no longer had the chicken scouts to guide them safely to the next watering hole.

This song is an inspiration to all of us who long to see chickens roaming free across the continent once again.

Give as much as you can the next time a man in a chicken suit comes to your door with a "Free the Fowl" tin cup.


  1. More on this group:


    The Fools Story
    By Hugh Jarse
    Sometime around 1975, deep in the Home of the Fried Clam, Ipswich, Massachusetts, a really fun bunch of guys who had a band called "The Rhythm A's" somehow changed and became The Fools. This is their story.
    All entertainers have a gimmick, a shtick, if you will (even if you won't). The object of a Fools show was to blow real life out of all proportion and morph ‘just another night out to see a band’ into the most fun anyone had ever had — anywhere! Meeting with great success, it wasn't long before the lads were masterminding stage trickery, pratfalls, skits, themes, twisted audience participation, practical jokes, paybacks, big nights and even some colossal events. Then they discovered radio.
    In 1979 "Psycho Chicken," X-rated parody of The Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer," exploded over the airwaves of Boston. The boys were so excited they followed up almost at once with another whopping hit — "It's a Night for Beautiful Girls." And the guys weren't the only ones to get excited. EMI Records signed the band and sent them right out to tour the U.S. with The Knack. The tour was a smashing success. Then, off to Miami to record the victorious debut album "Sold Out."
    The 1980’s saw the band through a storybook journey of mounting success and achievement. Adoring fans, media attention, the second album "Heavy Mental," touring the U.S. with Van Halen, m

  2. Sometimes, a little silliness is needed on a Friday.

    Thanks for this, Doug!!!!

    (What's next; "Mexican Radio?")

  3. Glad you caught the spirit of my blog, Astra. I just wanted to have some fun here with an older song I remember from my days listening to the "Dr. Demento" radio show now and then.

    I'll have to check out "Mexican Radio". I heard of it but I'm a bit clueless on stuff that has happened in pop culture recently.

  4. Thanks Iri Ani. And, as far as I know, no chickens were harmed in the making of this video ;-)

  5. That's good to hear Doug, hehe, not even plucked twice.

  6. There comes a time when chickens, like all of us humans, need a chance to rest up and regrow some feathers. ;-)