Friday, November 27, 2009

Dobie Gray's Chart Buster! "The In Crowd", 1965

This one stayed on the pop charts for three months for Texas-born, African-American recording star Dobie Gray (1940--), reaching up to # 13 on the Billboard List for that year. Gray also had a big comeback hit in 1973, with "Drift Away". Many artists and groups have performed this song, including The Ramsey Lewis Trio, Joe Jackson, Petula Clark, Quincy Jones and even Alvin and the Chipmunks.

The clips here are from the movie "Quadrophenia" (1979), a film about Mods and Rockers. Back then, the song was a favorite of the latter group.


  1. I do not remember this song. I have always loved his version of Drift Away. I was only one when it came out. I am sure I must have heard it on the oldies station it does not ring a bell for me. I must not be in the"In Crowd?"

  2. The version I remember was by Roxy Music with Bryan Ferry.

  3. Great music and video Doug. I have heard it before, but can't think for the life of me where.

    I think the people with motor bikes and scooter over here in England, were called Mods and Rockers, the mods having the scooters. Funny how in our teens there's the need to belong and be identified to a group. ;-)

    Thanks for posting that Doug!

  4. Takes yer back Doug, I would have thought that it would have been the Mods rather than the Rockers who would like The In Crowd though? I was neither myself by the way.

  5. You must be "in with the In-Crowd", Fred. Your site gets so many hits and you have your own fan club in Wales!

    This is one of those great songs that's neglected on Oldies Radio. I didn't hear it myself until a couple years after "Drift Away" came out. A lot of other good versions of this song out there, but sometimes the first is the best.

  6. Thanks Cassandra--I wasn't sure which was which. I guess I'll have to see the complete film to find out who I'm supposed to root for. ;-)

    I used to belong to a little gang as a teenager. Four of us wore the same dumb jacket to school. One of the advantages/disadvantages to American state schools is you can go about without a jacket and tie.
    There is something about those times--most kids, I was no exception--want to find a niche. It was a phase in my case. Then I started listening to oldies records like this and ofttimes wished I grew up in the sixties instead of the seventies. What a grave personal tragedy! O woe! ;-)

  7. Thanks for sharing that version, Jim. It has an edgier and ironic take to it. These Roxy Music guys were ahead of their time for 1976!

  8. I didn't think you'd be amongst either "In Crowd", AA.

    Perhaps, as Ringo Starr said in "A Hard Day's Night", you were a "mocker instead. That's what I would have aspired to myself :-)

    I first heard this song in 1975 and thought "why can't they write songs like that anymore?"